Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Who can reason with the wunchie? Part II (or buried in the concreteness of her reasoning)

So, Monday evening I'm driving home from the YMCA with Miranda and I decided that we would have a little fun. Because of the recent road construction on West Main we'd been using Manchester Street to get to our house for the last couple of weeks. In the process of utilizing the Manchester corridor to get downtown we'd become accustomed to passing some cook murals adorning one of the concrete walls next to the newly relocated Buster's. One of the murals is of a large skeleton that looks like it is emerging out of the wall. Miranda loves this skeleton and had commented on it several times. But we'd never gone to look at it up close.

"Miranda," I said, as we turned onto Manchester, "I think that I'm going to take you and feed you to the Skeleton tonight." "Why are you going to do that daddy," she rejoins. "Because I think it will be fun," I say. So, we pull into the parking lot and drive up to the mural at which point I roll down the window and tell the skeleton that we've brought him dinner. At first skeptical, I finally get Miranda to bite on my joke and she gets a little upset. I tell her that daddy is only making a joke for Halloween.

As we're driving out of the lot Miranda asks me why I took her to the skeleton. I repeat that I was only making a joke for Halloween. She says, "Daddy, it is not Halloween." I reply by saying that it is the season of Halloween. Indignant, Miranda asks me "Daddy, do you see any kids out here trick-or-treating?" I reply that I do not see any kids trick-or-treating. "Then daddy," Miranda replies with a confident sneer, "It isn't Halloween then is it?"

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Marie Eldridge said...

LOL! She is a funny Wunchie!!!!!