Sunday, October 25, 2009

Random bits of preciousness

Helping Daddy spackle the basement stairwell.

Pink spackle is cool because it dries white, so you can tell when it's ready to sand. Plus... it's pink.
Miranda is beginning to enjoy Indian food again, provided it's not too spicy. Here we are at a local place, sampling the tandoori chicken, chicken tikki masala, cauliflower, basmati rice, pakoras, saag (spinach), naan (bread), and dal (lentils). To cool the palate, a refreshing mango lassi (yougurt smoothie). We brought her little book "Chaat and Sweets", and she told the waitress "Namaste!"

For some reason, she felt obliged to tie up Horsey.

I don't know why.

Holding hands and swinging with her classmate, Taylor. This is a precious picture.

As we left school in the rain, Miranda improvised -- a backpack umbrella.

Leaving the neighborhood flower stand with bargain, end-of-season mums in the basket of her birthday bike. This one found a home at the local bakery -- she loves those guys.

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