Sunday, October 4, 2009

Denver Adventures, part 2 -- The First Sleepover

We've been wondering when Miranda would have her first sleepover. Littel did I know that I wouldn't even have to be the one to lose sleep over it! Sweet, brave Aunt Ellery hosted the inaugural slumber party with cousins Lauren and Ava while I was in England, and apparently everything went well. Ellery did report that she heard Miranda around 10:30, who said, "I'm just not tired, Auntie Elle." To which Ellery responded, "Well, you're going to sleep anyway." So there.
Pre-slumber activities. I'm not sure what she & Lauren are doing here -- Ali asked, "Did they just stick their landings?"

Yeah, it looks like they're going to get LOTS of sleep tonight...!

Aha, a co-conspirator -- Aunt Ellery!!

What an adorable face!!

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billy said...

I love that last picture....somehow she's united earnesty and uncertainty in one unique facial expression.....I love that picture......