Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Really, I don't see what all the fuss is about (aka Miranda's first trip to the dentist)

There are those milestones in the life of a child (and her parents) where you realize that your little Wunchie is, in fact, growing up. Such a milestone occurred today -- Miranda had her first visit to the dentist. And all I have to say is this -- all you grownups who cringe and quail at the thought of visiting the dentist, be inspired by the serene, trusting demeanor and comportment of my little girl. She was a PRO. No crying, no fussing (although she did want to hold my hand towards the end). She calmly endured teeth cleaning and tartar removal (and we all know how horrible it feels to have those little metal hooks scraping on our teeth!), and requested a watermelon-flavored fluoride rinse at the end.

Calmly surveying the scene.
It always helps to have a friend go first, especially the trusty sidekick, Brachiosaurus. (He got a good report, too.)

Preparing to begin.

The technician demonstrates the "fun little water hose."

The actual cleaning. She was serenity itself. And after they finished, she got a new toothbrush and a toy from the "treasure chest."

I'm so proud of her!!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Martin Luther King Jr. March

Miranda and her friend Isaac opted for some communal transportation Monday morning during the very cold march honoring MLK's birthday. It didn't last long, as they quickly began to fear compression over freezing, but it was cute while it lasted!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

See Girl. See Girl Learn Culturally-Determined Ideals of Beauty.

Someone very witty and bright did the funniest post (on 1/1/09) about ways in which her sons are being taught patriarchy, right under her nose. And apparently, Miranda has been receiving some of the same messages, or at least messages in the same vein. Here is a smattering of the comments I've been hearing lately.

  • As I'm changing one day in front of Miranda, I lean over to put on my socks. She pokes me in my post-baby belly and says (looking very concerned), "Mommy, what happened to your belly? It's all bouncy! Make it stop!!" (Right, because it's just that easy.) As I straighten up and start to laugh at her, she says, "Oh good, Mommy, you fixed your belly. It's not bouncy anymore." Then she looks at me, very seriously, and says, "Mommy -- don't ever do that again. I don't like it."

  • I'm bathing with Miranda one night, and shaving my legs in the process. As I complete the first leg, she lays her head against my now-smooth calf, sighs, and says, "I like the soft leg. It makes me happy." As I raise up my other leg to begin, she exclaims, "Oh no -- the hairy one!" I kid you not -- this actually happened.