Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Thanks, Cookie Monster!! (or, Miranda writes her first letter)

Miranda and I enjoy watching Sesame Street, and one of our favorite parts is Cookie Monster. Truthfully, I've always wondered just how much kids learn from these TV shows -- I mean, do they really help kids learn to count and spell?

Then one morning, after watching "Street", Miranda wanted to paint. We made squiggles and blobs, and then Miranda said:
  • "I want to draw a letter." [Note -- Miranda has occasionally "written" an O or an X, but she hasn't started writing her letters yet.]
  • "Ok, sweetie," I said. "Which one do you want to draw?"
  • "The letter Q."
  • "OK, honey, but do you know how to draw Q?"
  • "Sure, Momma. It's just an O, with the little tail. Remember, that's what Cookie Monster said."
Sure enough, it is! And if you don't believe me, check out the results below.

I'm so proud of her!!!


Janet said...

Yay for the letter Q!

Marie Eldridge said...

Thats Awesome!!!!!! Way to go Wunchie! Ms. Marie is very proud of you too!!!

Anonymous said...

Her first literary publication--and at such a young age!
I'm so proud of you--and there will be so much more to write!