Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Mommy's little Montessori helper

Miranda has several friends who are in Montessori schools, and we've been reading some about the Montessori educational philosophy.
One of their main tenets is encouraging children to actively participate in the daily functioning of the household. So, we've been trying to help Miranda find her our routines, adapting what needs to be done to what she herself can do. And we've discovered that eating at her little table enables her to set the table, if I put the dishes and silverware within her reach. Didn't she do a good job? (Note: it doesn't always look this tidy!)

She also likes to "help Mommy cook". I'm not always the best "monitoring mommy" in the world, so I have to be more vigilant in the kitchen. (Even so, she got a little burn on her wrist last month from "helping Mommy stir.") But transferring veggies from a mixing bowl to the casserole dish is a perfect assignment.

I'm realizing that it's as much about educating myself as anything else. I have to reorient my expectations and awareness to fully incorporate her into the preparations. Getting her to enjoy the process of preparing a meal, encouraging her natural willingness to help -- that's what it's all about.


Anonymous said...

Oh, yes, adjusting our expectations--isn't that what this whole parenting trip is about? At least that's the message I keep getting hit over the head with...

I LOVE Montessori and the deep and abiding reverence and respect for children that is inherent in the philosophy! Maria Montessori and Rudolf Steiner (the Waldorf dude) have been two of my biggest parenting influences, along with Dr. Sears of course! ;)

Love to you and yours,

Janet said...

Scott does all the cooking, and both kids sit on the counter and help. I get to clean up the resulting chaos, but it's worth it, because I don't have to cook. I did cook last night though. I thought I'd mention it because it was such an unusual occurrence.