Sunday, October 12, 2008

Before potty training, we have pigtail training


Janet said...

Potty training is overrated. I know every restroom in this town intimately. Don't rush it. She looks very sweet in her pigtails.

maria said...

Yes, this is what I hear. We'll be making a more concerted effort in November, when Billy & I are actually in the same country for more than 2 weeks.

Dan Lowe said...


You look so cute and you're growing so fast. I miss you lots and wish I could come to Kentucky to see you, but the big bad government of Canada won't let me. Tell your mommy and daddy hello for me and give them great big hugs. Know I miss you lots and lots and lots. Oh, and I so miss taking your picture!

Uncle Dan

Anonymous said...

So grown up--and so tall, when did this happen?
Love MOM