Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Learning her letters

Miranda was hanging out with me last week while I checked email. She asked if she could do "some writing of her own", so I said sure and pulled up a new document. I asked what she wanted to write, and she said, "I think I need to write Horsey's name." (Horsey is one of her "children", a favorite stuffed animal.) She typed the following letters, naming each one as she typed:

I think it's interesting, the letters with which she particularly identifies. She's always liked O, Q, X, and Z.


billy said...

I love that picture of her holding up horsey....such a wonderfully mischiveous smirk on her face..she is always doing some kind of little experiment, isn't she?

Janet said...

Too cute. Both of mine type "letters" and they have existing word documents that they just randomly type in. I haven't troubled to identify repeated letters, although William likes numbers better. They also like to send emails to my mother.