Friday, September 25, 2009

A "Good Lift"......

Last night I discovered that Miranda has a secret talent that will hopefully NOT serve her well someday. We'd just completed a trip to the local Kroger and were on our way home when I discovered that she'd successfully "lifted" two $50 gift cards and was examining her "take" in the back seat. I'd seen she was carrrying something when we went out the door, but in my haste to get to the car and steward us safely through the parking lot I did not look very closely. I thought it was just another apartment guide or related article that she frequently grabs. She likes looking at these kinds of things. But no, this time she'd grabbed the real goods and managed to make it out the door. I thought of that scene in "Oceans Eleven" where George Clooney's character tells Matt Damon's character "that was a good lift," after he witnesses him stealing a wallet on the subway. Anyhow, I returned the gift cards and on the way to school Miranda said, "I'm sorry daddy for taking those cards at the store." Our sweet kleptomaniac better keep an eye on her if she shows up at your door!

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