Thursday, August 6, 2009

Birthday narrative..... has been way too long since I've posted anything on my dear Wunchie's blog. But I guess the week following her 4th birthday is not a bad time to make a belated entry. Here are a couple of pictures from events surrounding her 4th B-day. The one picture is pretty self-explanatory, a picture of Miranda getting ready to dig into the stack of strawberry and whipped cream topped pancakes that daddy cooked for her on her birthday. The other picture is the one that needs a little more explanation. In this picture Miranda is making the biggest deposit of her short life into the piggy bank. I was at McDonald's earlier that day visiting on the patio outside with one of my friends. My friends name is Leo and he is a wonderful older guy who was formerly homeless and is now living in his own apartment and gettting along fine. Leo is a guy that I've known for years and is someone, ably assisted by MANY others, that I've walked with and helped to find stability. So, I'm sitting there talking to Leo at McDonald's and he asks me how old Miranda is. I told him that actually her birthday was today and that she was 4. Leo asks me if she has a piggy bank, and after I reply yes, he reaches into his pocket, pulls out a 20 dollar bill, and tells me to give it to her to put in her piggy bank. I was really astonished and reminded again of the beauty and justice that is always present whenever we give to others. So, that is the story of the second picture...worth a lot more than $20....will tell to her one day, hopefully with interest!


Janet said...

That's the best birthday story ever! What is up with men handing out twenties at McDonalds'? :)

a said...

Happy birthday to Miranda! And what an incredible story!

- Amanda M.