Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Exuberance!!! (aka the city pool)

Miranda began swim lessons this week. As a parent, it seems like you're constantly trying to discern what your child is ready to do -- gymnastics, swimming, art, music, etc etc. So when we purchased a family pool pass this summer, we decided to enroll her in lessons. Today was her second day, and she's loving it.
Hanging out on the side, waiting for her turn

"Mommy, I love this!"

Kicking her feet

Reports her instructor, "She has no fear." (Hmmm...)

Either she's exhausted, or she's imitating the nearby teenagers

Don't go unless you can go in style

We had the best time with our friend Hailey -- laughing, splashing, and making about 37 trips down the spiral slide. My favorite part was watching numerous bigger kids pull Miranda out of line and make her stand against the "You Must Be This Tall to Use This Slide" sign. (She is, just barely.) It was awesome.

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Janet said...

Oh, I need those sunglasses. We've been enjoying our city pool. Both our kids are finally big enough and have enough skills in the water that I can take them by myself and not worry about any of us drowning.