Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hyperbole, thy name is Wunchie

Miranda is developing quite a flair for conversational rhetoric. Here are a few of her latest quips:

  • (After wrapping me in a jumprope) "Mommy, I'm putting you in jail, and you have to stay there for a really long time." "How long, honey?" "For at least a million years, or maybe longer. Let's just see."
  • (After entering the home of a preschool friend, Tyler) "Tyler's mommy, you have a wonderful kitchen. I mean, it's just wonderful."
  • (Upon reaching for the measuring spoons to eat her cereal, and being refused) "But Mommy, I've been eating with those spoons for about... 36 years."

1 comment:

Marie Eldridge said...

LOL! She is such a funny wunchie!!!!