Thursday, November 20, 2008

Coarseness on Sesame Street

This just heard on Sesame Street, as Telly Monster, Baby Bear, and Abby Cadabby are discussing the book "Action Dog". As they read, they hear sound effects that are clues to what Action Dog is doing. On the page where Action Dog is riding a motorcycle, they hear engines revving and spluttering, and Telly Monster exclaims, "I know, I know -- it's a herd of lactose-intolerant antelope who've just eaten a bunch of cottage cheese!"
How kind of them to give some humor to the over-8 crowd.


Janet said...

Hmm. My one lament about not having TV is the lack of Sesame Street. Maybe it's OK.

maria said...

Don't get me wrong -- I laughed out loud! And I knew that it would at least a few years before Miranda would get that particular joke.

I heart Sesame Street.

Dan Lowe said...

Just tell her that it's antelopes that fart like Uncle Mark and Uncle Dan...and while you're telling her, give her a kiss for me. :P